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If you're wondering how I got the name PaChristia, it's my parent's names combined (Patrick + Christine).


When I'm not being called MOMMY, everyone else knows me as PC. I'm a wife, mother, educator and positive discipline + conscious parenting advocate.​ The purpose of this blog is to inspire and encourage parents as we try not to lose our sense of identity [or sanity] while navigating through the trenches of parenthood. Have you ever had one of those days and felt all alone, lost, and incredibly touched out? Parenthood is raw, it's up and down, it's utterly exhausting and beautifully rewarding. We need more raw stories + tools to keep going to know that we are not alone and I hope that you know that you are not alone. Motherhood is NOT always glamourous. 

Some days you don't want to. Some days you can't. Some days you want to throw in the towel when everything is triggering and you can't figure out why. In all of these moments, your feelings are valid + you are loved + you are needed.


As a Certified Positive Discipline Coach/Educator, my goal is to help you reach your goals. No matter how small or large, we will work together as a team to bring more joy, connection, and positive tools into your home. To read more about me as a coach, click here!



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