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Marriage is beautiful.

The exchange of vows. The marital bliss. Becoming one. Almost every woman dreams of having a big, fairy tale wedding. I mean, seriously, big weddings make the best pictures, you get to catch up with friends and family, and celebrate your union.

I always thought that I wanted a big wedding. In fact, when we began planning our wedding, our guest like was about 150ish people. We were literally just thinking of names, people we haven’t talked to, people we think would feel left out if not invited. We’d go back to the list, scratch people off, add more people, add their plus one or two, [or 12, I have cousins with 12 children]. It was overwhelming.

We already booked the venue and had it nearly paid off when we collectively decided...what’s the point? Why are we thinking of names, why are we spending thousands on the venue, hundreds for food, hundreds for an open bar [what’s a party without an open bar, I mean come on, after sitting through a wedding..people want to drink].

Neither of us are huge “people” people when it comes to entertaining, walking around thanking people for coming, holding a conversation, and just having the spotlight on us. Honestly, large crowds + lots of people overwhelm me. I’m a true introvert [or maybe I just like to get to point A to B. After I get to B, I’m ready to go home. Saying vows and going home. A to B].

Our daughter is also very timid. Not quick to open up to anyone. Thinking of how overwhelming it would’ve been for her put the icing on the cake. There was no point in dragging her through what was already going to look like a stressful day [because weddings are stressful]. We wanted the day to be happy, enjoyable, intimate. With too many hands in the pot, things get unnecessarily overwhelming.

We picked our colors [black and white because again, we’re simple like that], I booked the venue in Austin, TX [Memory Lane Events], ordered my dress + the tux + our daughters dress and we were ready to go.

Our guest list was:

  • My Mom + dad

  • 3 sisters + nephew

  • Mother-in-law + brother-in-law

Plus our wonderful officiant. A total of 9 people! We didn’t have bridesmaids, groomsmen, a ring bearer, or the traditional roll call. [My younger sister and our daughter were the flower girls- which turned out to be just my sister because our ceremony was around nap time].

We exchanged vows, took pictures, got dressed, and headed back to our Air BnB and ordered Gus’s Chicken!!

Although everyone was tired- [outside wedding in AUSTIN, TX in AUGUST..whew!!!] it was a beautiful day. No one was overwhelmed. We spent the rest of the day relaxing, talking, and enjoying each other’s company.

Sometimes, all you need are the people who really matter to witness you become one. We didn’t have to overthink the list, nothing had to be perfect, and when I look back at the day, rather than being a bridezilla, I was joyful from beginning to end.

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