"I Don't Have Time for SELF-CARE"

Updated: Jun 16

Self-care is the phrase of the century- am I right or am I actually right? Everyone says "you need some self-care" and yes, you do! However, sometimes the ideal self-care extravaganza takes money, finding a babysitter, and getting the kiddos settled. Not to mention, what if you live in another state, away from friends and family and aren't as trusting to leave your kiddos with strangers. OR what if you don't necessarily want to be away from your kids? Here are 8 self-care ideas that you can incorporate when you need a moment to reset and you can't get away from your kiddos in that moment.

Wouldn't we all love weekly spa-days, a nice massage, a stroll with the girls, bottomless mimosa brunch dates? I know I'm not alone on this one. The truth is, sometimes in those rough moments when the whining + crying is triggering, you've changed one-to-many diapers, the siblings won't stop fighting, the phone won't stop ringing, the clothes that have been sitting in the washer for 3 days need to be rewashed, dishes are stacking up, and your husband has asked, "what's for dinner" several those moments, you need a moment to reset. How can I do that with my kids? That's not self-care. Sure, it's not the most ideal but as moms, we learn to be creative, innovative, and honestly, our kiddos can benefit from a moment of self-care as well.



Depending on the age, this is a great, quick, convenient way to keep the kids busy when you need to get something done, need a moment to breathe, or simply need the kiddos to sit quietly for a while. Personally, silly sand is my favorite [we enjoy this brand]. It's a great sensory activity and if you grab some fun molds, it'll keep them busy long enough. Silly sand is easy to clean up, but I recommend a hard surface, a shoe box, or something to keep everything contained so that you won't have to worry about vacuuming those tiny pieces. [I won't lie, there have been times where I allowed the silly sand on the carpet, the bed, the couch, simply because in those moments, I needed to breathe and didn't mind cleaning the mess when I got around to it.] Crayons, paint, play-dough are all great options! Set up some coloring books, copy paper, whatever you have handy and let those imaginations go to work. Throw in an occasional "wow, that looks great!" or a "oooo, tell me about that picture" and it could very well keep them busy a little longer. Join them! Sensory activities are great for adults as well. It gives you a minute to get on their level and connect with them.


OK, hear me out, don't shoot me in the foot. If you're like me, shower/bath time is mommy time! There is nothing like a steaming hot [child free] shower. However, if you need a come-to-Jesus moment on those extremely hard days, turn on the bath water, pour in some bubbles, grab some toys, plug in the diffuser [this is my favorite] and relax. I know, I know..this isn't the ideal form of relaxation, but again, sometimes we have to work with what we have and remember - our kids can benefit from this, too {not to mention, kids love water!} If your shower is big enough, you could even set up some toys in the back of it, take a shower, cry [I've done this, with my face in the water + back turned] or just have the warm water flow down your body. I say warm because unfortunately, the water can't be scorching when you have a plus one [or two]. If you're lucky, a nap could follow.


The holy grail of parenting. BUBBLES. Granted, once you start, you have to pretend your lips no longer work to stop [unless you get this automatic bubble blower] but it is such a fun activity and it gives you a moment to sit back and hear those infectious laughters which can really help center you. Bubbles are exciting and can be done just about anywhere in the house and are a great activity to take outside for some fresh air!


Again, not the most ideal form of self-care but remember we're thinking about "in the moment." My favorite thing to do in the morning while the little one is brushing her teeth is doing a quick exfoliating face scrub [I live by this one and if it ever becomes unavailable, I seriously might collapse]. My face feels smooth afterwards, it smells great, and I feel like I've done something important for myself. It can get a little tricky with us using the same sink but it's one of those things I've learned to work with and it works.


OK, I know. I was one of those "I'd never screen-time" moms, too. If I'm being completely honest, the TV has saved me, mentally, lots of times. I'm not saying to turn on the TV for hours and just walk away. There are days when you're trying to [survive until bedtime] and you just .....can't. If your little one has a favorite show or movie, grab a snack or lunch, snuggle up on the couch and just relax or if you need to use the time to get something done, do that. I used to think that turning on the TV would ruin the little one, but 30 minutes or so won't hurt anything [if your little one is anything like mine, after a few minutes, she's ready to get up anyway]. Plus, there are so many educational videos and shows out! You could even get a tablet [we have this one] and download some fun, educational games.


Sometimes, don't you just need a hug?! Get those happy hormones moving for everyone and hug it out. A simple "do you need a hug/would you like a hug?" can turn a day around, do you hear me?! If you haven't already, test it out. Then pull out the camera, pull up some fun filters and just enjoy the moment. Kids love phones and cameras, this will keep them engaged, happy, and laughing long enough for you to become soaked into the moment while your mind and body rest for a minute.


Kids love to help. Sure, it might prolong the process, things might not be as neat - and that's OK. Have them help put the laundry from the washer to dryer, push the button on the dish washer, rinse dishes with you, feed the pets, and sweep/mop [these are perfect for tiny hands]. Keep in mind that they want to help and make you happy, so if they make a mess, try not to look at is as "now I have a bigger mess to clean up" and look at is as a bonding moment. They were excited to help you. Gently show them how to do it and where things are stored. You're able to kill two birds with one stone - get some chores done while tending to the kiddos. Make it a cleaning party and turn on some music! #danceparty


My favorite form of self-care is getting some fresh air. There's not much to it other than throwing on some shoes and crossing the threshold. Put the kids in a stroller, take the bike or scooter, wagon, roller skates, chalk, bubbles, bucket or whatever you have and just go. Go get some fresh air. Pick up some flowers, blow some dandelions, grab some sticks, find some cool rocks, try to find some butterflies or roly-polies, talk about the clouds, discuss the weather, walk to the park, have a picnic. The options are endless once you're outside! Soak up some sun and enjoy the moment.

“Sometimes we need a moment of self-care while our kids are in our presence.”

Motherhood is all about winging it sometimes. It doesn't mean that we have to or that we must neglect our needs, we just have to be a little creative in those moments when we need to reset.